Nine Muses Poetry published my poem, “Bad News,” a year ago today. Although the publication is now defunct and no longer online, it was edited by Annest Gwilym and was a wonderful home for several of my pieces. Thanks, Annest!

The Captain to His Mate” was the featured poem yesterday on Your Daily Poem. Thanks, Jayne! This poem was first published by The Society of Classical Poets.

Ancient Paths, February 1, 2020Ancient Paths Online published my poem, “We Siblings Three,” one year ago this month. Thanks, Skylar!

I read my poem, “The Edge of Memory” for Poetry Super Highway‘s February 2020 Worldwide Open Poetry Reading on Blogtalk Radio one year ago this month! Thanks, Rick!

Also one year ago this month: The Society of Classical Poets announced I won 3rd place in their “Best Poems of 2019” competition for “Forgotten,” “Lost,” and “My Little Man.”

All of the poems mentioned in this post are in my latest poetry collection, Memoirs of a Witness Tree, now available on Amazon!