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Leaving Home: Discoveries and Reflections of a Once-Sheltered Heart

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Leaving Home by Randal Burd, Jr. is the author’s first collection of poetry, mostly written during and shortly after high school. The poems in this collection were written mostly between 1995 and 2005 (many were later revised) and address a variety of topics. Some of these poems were published by online literary magazines first; others were purportedly published in vanity anthologies that were never purchased by the author. The online appearances have been indexed elsewhere on this site.

First published: Aardvark Global Publishing, LTD, 2008
Revised printing: Lulu.com, 2020


From the Back Cover of the Leaving Home by Randal Burd, Jr. (Revised Edition, 2020)

There are moments in our lives, those innocent fragments of our souls, that leave indelible marks on our conscience. How we interpret these moments determines our quality of character and shapes the world around us. The ability to harness these raw emotions is not easily accomplished save for a rare handful. Even harder is the ability to translate them into words.

Leaving Home is an exposition of the human condition. An emotional rollercoaster spanning the loss of loved ones, acclimation to life in the military, and the power of faith. Award winning poet Randal A. Burd, Jr. takes the reader through all his life has produced and exposes himself in ways so few of us are willing to do.

Inspired by real life events and crafted into memorable verse sure to evoke an emotional response, Leaving Home takes the reader on a journey through the world. There will be tears, the sudden burst of laughter, and a warm smile lingering on your face like the glow of a fading summer day as you discover the truth of what it means to love, lose, and live.

Leaving Home is a must read that will leave you inspired and in search of your own special moments.

— Christian Warren Freed, author of Dreams of Winter: A Forgotten Gods Tale


Leaving Home takes the reader on a beautifully poignant journey of self-discovery and personal awakening. From the loss of a loved one, to the invaluable wisdom contained in nature, Randal A. Burd, Jr.’s emotionally-charged words touch base with a wide spectrum of emotions, experiences, and profound themes. Through compelling poetic storytelling and vivid imagery, this award-winning poet’s collection of melodic outpourings paints breathtaking pictures that won’t be leaving his readers’ minds anytime soon. By book’s end, the reader will inevitably see life from an entirely renewed perspective and be inspired to reflect on life’s countless intricacies.

— Eva Xanthopoulos, author of Esoterra


Where Can I Get a Copy of Leaving Home by Randal Burd, Jr.?

Leaving Home: Discoveries and Reflections of a Sheltered Life (Revised Edition, 2020) can be purchased at BarnesandNoble.com.